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There have been so many new alphabet designs in the works since I last blogged about them here that I barely know where to begin!  This is a teensy sampling but there is loads more where these came from…

I encourage anyone reading here to follow me on Instagram at @michellejordanphoto and also over on FB at www.facebook.com/MichelleJordanPhotography to be kept *in the loop* as much as possible in regards to all things MJP.  I wish that I could find more time to blog like I used to back in the “early days” but free time is a precious commodity anymore & even more so as my sweet family continues to grow.  Social media can be overwhelming sometimes for sure but its truly so lovely at the same time.  I love the connectedness that I feel with my client base on IG & FB & I will always be grateful for that!  One of my favorite spots to connect with my fans is via the private Facebook group that I recently created for my *MJP VIPs*.

That page can be found at www.facebook.com/groups/AlphabetPhotographybyMichelleJordan.

If you haven’t joined us over there yet, please allow me to eagerly suggest that you do!   I debut new designs there all the time so that clients can let me know what they think of them + what designs they might like to see enter the gallery next.  People place orders, I host giveaways, clients share images of where their artwork is displayed in their own homes…

It really is a fun little place to drop into from time to time.

I will continue to update this page with my events calendar & other general portrait/alphabet information but know that I am almost always going to be posting nearly everything over on my social media platforms first.


B&W free-standing/wood-mounted HOPE:  $24

Free-standing/wood-mounted HOCKEY:  $36

Free-standing/wood-mounted *Basketball NOVA* or *Blue V NOVA*:  $24

B&W free-standing/wood-mounted PHILLY:  $36

B&W free-standing/wood-mounted PEACE:  $30

B&W/colorPOP free-standing/wood-mounted INSPIRE:  $42

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