Art Show Circuit: Fall/Winter 2015

Phew!  MJP is really working the craft fair/art show circuit this season & I am so THANKFUL to have such a full & wonderful calendar to look forward to in the months ahead.

If you’re hoping to catch me at a show, here is a comprehensive listing of where I’ll be!

Please don’t hesitate to comment and/or message me with any questions:)

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Thursday, November 12th:  Ladies Night Out @ Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School/Wallingford, PA (7-10pm)

Saturday, November 14th:  St. David’s Country Craft Show/2320 Grubb Road North Wilmington, DE (9am-3pm)

Monday, November 16th:  Ladies Night Out @ Tom’s Pizza Bar & Grill/Aston, PA (6-9pm)

Saturday, November 21st:  Penncrest High School/Media, PA  (10am-4pm)

Sunday, November 22nd:  Lynnewood Elementary School/Havertown, PA  (11am-3pm)

Monday, November 30th:  Holiday Shopping Night @ Ridley High School/Folsom, PA (6-9pm)

Thursday, December 3rd:  Delaware County Community College Craft Fair/Media, PA (10am-3pm)

Saturday, December 5th:  Annual Garnet Valley Middle School Craft Fair/Glen Mills, PA  (9am-3pm)

Thursday, December 10th:  Jingle Bell Night @ Pennell Elementary School/Aston, PA (6:30-9pm)

Saturday, December 12th:  St. Pius X School/Broomall, PA  (9am-3pm)

I promise to update periodically with any additions/changes.

:) xo

My Littlest Loves

When I took photography on professionally, I promised myself that I’d pull back on the professional side of things if I ever caught myself losing interest in shooting my own family.  Portraiture has been my absolute passion for as long back as I can remember & I feared that it might become a chore when it became my “work” & that my own family’s memories would suffer.

But…as usual, I did a whole lot of worrying for nothing because in spite of how positively immersed I am in it now, I still love, love, love it more than ever:)

Adler is 2!

You know, I thought that 1-year milestones were the best…..but this little man proved to me that year 2 can be just as magical:)

Happy 2nd Birthday to you, sweet Adler!


Brady is 1!

Oh my Goodness Gracious, Brady.

Where do I even begin with you?

Your little angel face was just about the sweetest thing to ever grace my lens & last I checked, it was still recovering from your awesomeness & off-the-charts levels of cute.


Josie & Wyatt

Sometimes its just magic.

I meet up with a family that I’ve never met before & yet somehow, someway its just magic right from the start.  No ice breaking, no awkwardness….just magic.

So many gloriously wonderful images came out of my morning with this lovely family…….

Here’s a sweet & small sampling for your viewing pleasure 😉