Alphabet Minis!

For years & years I’ve been asked time & again for a smaller-scale, tabletop version of my Alphabet artwork designs & now that I’ve done it, I must say that I couldn’t be more excited to share these babies with the world!

Prepare yourselves, friends…because MJP ALPHABET MINIs have arrived:)

These are hand-painted blocks of wood, with their edges artfully sanded, with my own original Alphabet photo designs beautifully mounted to them & then top-coated with a high-gloss enamel for durability & shine.   They are completely free-standing & simply perfect for display on any flat surface where you feel like your space could use a little “something”!  Think:  Windowsills, floating shelves, fireplace mantels, bookcases, desks, vanities and/or my personal favorite: sweetly seated on the moulding above a doorway!

While my traditional Alphabet pieces run $12 per letter, the cost for these little beauties is $6/letter; so a 4-letter piece such as “HOME” or “LOVE” would run $24 as a mini (& $48 as a full-size, wall-hung piece).

The minis sit approximately 3.5 inches tall, while the full-size pieces are 6 inches tall & each individual letter image on the minis is about 2.25 inches wide while the full-size letters are each about 4 inches across.

All in all, these are just too much fun for words & I’m having waaaaay too much fun with them!   They are such a cool little twist on my original art pieces….a bit more rustic but just as contemporary & cool as the big guys are.


“mini Floral LOVE” (w/Sharpie for size reference):  $24

“mini JOY” (w/Sharpie for size reference):  $18

“mini PEARL JAM” (w/baseball for size reference):  $48

“mini DMB” (w/acoustic guitar for size reference):  $30

“mini Floral MOM”:  $30

“mini DAD”:  $18 / “mini Baseball DAD”:  $30

“mini TEACH”:  $30 / “mini GRAD”:  $24

“mini MR&MRS”:  $36

“mini SPRING”:  $36

“mini BOOKWORM”:  $48

And of course……custom orders are available anytime, just as they are with the full-sized pieces!  First names, last names……the sky = the limit!

Fun in the Park!

I scheduled back-to-back sessions for these 2 beautiful families &, of course, we had to overlap a few of the kiddos since they are the very best of friends:)

Holiday Minis…2014!

Holiday minis were soooooooo much fun!

I loved every minute & the second they were over, I was already counting down the days til next year:)

I know, I know.  Shame on me for not posting these until February…lol

I like to consider it a blessing that I’ve been so busy with my lovely little family that I’ve had so little time for blogging;)

The V Family

It had been a few years since I’d photographed this beautiful family…..& what a joy it was to see them all again:)

The McC Family

This lovely family asked me if I could do the honor of shooting their family portraits in the tiny old graveyard that sits beside their home.

“We know its an unusual request.  But its really a beautiful space & we’d love to see what you can make happen there!”

I’ll be honest; I couldn’t have been more excited.   And we did make magic happen; that much is for certain:)